Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Glyphs: Kite Glyph for Kids with Shapes

Use this spring glyph for spring fun while you meet common core standards. Your students will learn to recognize shapes including the oval, circle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, hexagon, pentagon, triangle, and rhombus while they create spring kite glyphs full of colors from the rainbow for your bulletin board. This glyph is easy on you too--just print the patterns on white copy paper and your students will follow directions to color each shape with colors from the rainbow. You can even make choices to allow for differentiated instruction. The fun doesn't stop there! Next, your students will work as a class or in small groups to graph the kite glyph data that is represented in visual form on the kites. Then tie in a literacy connection with three writing prompts based on the glyph and one additional prompt that uses a Venn diagram connection. This packet includes the following items.

Page 1 Title page
Page 2-3 Teaching Suggestions
Page 4 Students Example of the Kite Glyph
Page 5 Kite Patterns
Page 6-7 Labeled Shape Mats 
Pages 8-9 Shape Mats that Students Label (for differentiated instruction)
Page 10 List of Shapes for Students to use 
Pages 11-12 Two Sets of Instructions for Coloring the Shapes (for differentiated instruction)
Page 13 Kite Coloring Directions
Pages 14-15 Shape Mat Poster/ Answer Key (you could also print this page for student use and skip the coloring of the shapes)
Pages 16-17 Kite Glyph Questions
Pages 18-23 Corresponding Graphs and one Blank Graph
Pages 24-25 Kite Key Glyph Poster for your Bulletin Board
Pages 26-28 Writing Prompts
Pages 29-30 Venn Diagram Writing Prompt

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Robin Sellers

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