Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Glyphs for Kids: Parts of a Plant Glyph / Sunflower Glyph

I'm really excited about my sunflower glyph for kids. My Parts of a Plant Glyph is such a great way to integrate many subjects and learn about the parts of a plant at the same time. Your students will work with math skills, data analysis, graphing skills, writing activities with prompts for differentiated instruction and more.

As a bonus, I've even added a parts of a plant flip book to the lesson. This book tells about the parts of a sunflower plant, and it has the glyph questions on it, so you only need to print one page to get all of this information to your students. If you decide to use them, there are also labels for the parts of the sunflower plant that you can add to your students' sunflower glyph or the to part of a plant diagram.
Spring Plant Glyph

This glyph is now available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store {HERE} 

Robin Sellers