Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chick Glyph for Kids

Spring Glyph Chick Puppet Fun!! This is a simple spring chick glyph that is a puppet too, and it will work well to introduce students to using glyphs, reading charts, and graphing. All you need to do is print the patterns on yellow and orange paper or let your students color them and add a small paper bag to make the puppet. The students will cut out their own chick pieces as they work through the glyph that asks questions about chicks. This is easy on you!

Chick Glyph for Kids
This packet will include the following resources: 

page 1- cover page and picture of a student bunny
pages 2-3 teaching suggestions, directions, and fun bunny ideas
page 4 student example 
pages 5-8 student glyph questions that include the patterns
pages 9-10 tally sheets
pages 11-15 graphs
pages 16-20 egg frames for name labels, writing, spring art, or egg decorating

To purchase my click glyph or learn more about it, please click HERE.

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